“I’m Improving Birth” Photo Project

So… why are YOU Improving Birth?  Tell us!  What gets you excited about this cause?  What positive change do you want to see?


  • We ask that you take your photo outside in the morning or evening for the best light (you’ll look even better!); that you use dark ink on white paper; and that you take the picture from the thighs or waist up, so we can crop it to the appropriate size.
  • Keep your answer simple and WRITE BIG so we can see it!
  • If you are a professional photographer, we have no problem with you including your watermark!  Just notice that our little stamp will go along the bottom somewhere, so please remember that when you are stamping it with your own watermark.
  • Please note that it won’t be possible for us to use all photos.  We just don’t have enough manpower to process every single entry.  But we’ll do our best!
  • Send your photo to us at [ improving@improvingbirth.org ], and please include the following statement

I am the copyright holder of this photo(s). I hereby grant permission for ImprovingBirth.org to use this/these photo/s on ImprovingBirth.org’s website, blog, related social media/networking sites (like Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest), in professional presentations, and anywhere else they choose.

I'm Improving Birth Because

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3 thoughts on ““I’m Improving Birth” Photo Project

  1. Pam

    I am excited about this cause. I have been blogging and discussiong this concern for a long time trying to get people to understand the importance of women having autonomy at birth. So many people were telling me that it was auseless cause and to leave it alone. IWow, and now I am elated to hear of this. I live near Macon and will be there in September, on Mulberry Street. Way to go!! I am so proud of you all. :)


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